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Intuitive Energy Modality Workshop

  • Intuitive Energy Modality Workshop

    Energy Healing is the oldest form of healing and practiced all over the globe since ancient times. Many people heal and don’t realize what they are doing. It is a very natural process, and everyone has the power. Learn to usefully harness and work with that power.

    This Workshop will help you understand the intuitive nature that embodies different energy modalities such as Reiki, La Ho Chi, Munay Ki, Quantum Healing, etc.

    We will practice energy healing.

    We will discuss our experience for a better understanding of the practice.

    We will open the doors to your intuitive and healing powers.

    We will attune you to a higher level of energy.

    Become part of a group who wants to grow and expand their intuitive abilities as well as shift their energy level.


    Karen’s doctoral dissertation was on the topic of longevity. Through this work she has determined that longevity is not about living a long time. Rather, it is about how you live that determines your length of time here. The earth is a beautiful place if you understand it; if not, it can be a living hell. Longevity has a great deal to do with your mental state of being.

    Through research and practical application, Karen has changed her life by eliminating pain, depression, anxiety, fear, and more. Karen has experienced some signs of age reversal as a result. Her purpose with KI Healing Arts is to introduce these concepts to others in the hopes they may have the will, persistence, and perseverance to experience the same results.

    Through research and study groups Karen has noticed change comes naturally when you are mentally ready.  First you must undergo a process of breaking your patterns. If you fight with these patterns, they fight back, but if you give yourself an alternative pattern of behavior, the shift can be effortless.


    • Doctor of Philosophy Specializing in Psychological Counseling
    • Elite Personal Trainer Specializing in Exercise Therapy
    • Reiki Master / Energy Modalities
    • Meditation and Mindfulness Facilitator
    • Neurokinetic Therapy
    • Certifications: Neuroscience & Healthy Habits, Health Coach, Nutrition, Myo-fascial Release, And more.


Oct 15 - 16 2022


11:00 am - 1:00 pm



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