Silent Retreats

join us in an immersive journey into


Come face-to-face with the true nature of your spirit. Immersive Cleansing’s Silent Retreats in Cave Creek, AZ are structured to help gently guide you through detox from your environment for 24 hours.

No phones, no computers! Unplug from the world as you know it and and enter immersive visualization. You will be blown away by this one-of-a-kind, unique experience. Pain is the touchstone of all spiritual growth.

*Please check our calendar for the appropriate 24-hour silent retreat for YOUR needs.

This is an experience you must not miss!

All of Our Silent Retreat Packages include:

  • All Meals
    Our Vegan Meals are created by a Cornell University Certified Graduate in the field of “Food for Life” nutrition. Focusing on detoxing and healing the body.

  • Meditations
    Increase your self-awareness as you reach a new level of calm. Let go of the negative emotions, the things you can’t control, and re-balance your center.

  • 1-Hour Spiritual Yoga
    Let us help you with your quest to know a greater reality with our dedicated hour of Spiritual Yoga. You will achieve peace with yourself and the external world.

  • 2-Hour Complete Sound Bath
    Our Complete Sound Bath is a meditative experience that is unique to each individual. First, you will experience a short clearing meditation and immersive reflection, followed by being bathed in full spectrum sound waves.

  • Sleep to the healing Borealis Lights (Northern Lights)

    With your own sleep space in our dark room with the Borealis Lights dancing along the wall, you will be able to achieve a deeper sense of sleep and relaxation.

  • Sleeping space in a group setting