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why immersive cleansing?

the joy of being

Through the habitual process of meditation and sound, redirect your thoughts and train your mind to focus. When you reconstruct obstacles, they become stepping stones to help you receive science-based benefits.


the joy of being

Through the habitual process of meditation and sound, redirect your thoughts and train your mind to focus. When you reconstruct obstacles, they become stepping stones to help you receive science-based benefits.

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jyll romano headshot

Jyll’s vision of creating a sanctuary that combines science-backed concepts with holistic healing came to life in Cave creek, AZ. As a daughter of two hippies, she grew up with love as a foundation.
However, as a young adult she rebelled and went into the nursing field. Torn between these two worlds she struggled with finding her calling.
Until, inspired by seeing an immersive van Gogh exhibit… BamImmersive Cleansing was born.

deb meditating
deborah leinenweber

yoga instructor

Deborah’s life changed in 2007 upon learning she was moving to Bangalore India. As a successful real estate business owner, she embarked on an exciting new passion; Yoga.

“I love sharing the traditional practice of yoga while empowering my students to take an active approach to their health. I am committed to creating a safe environment for healing body, mind and spirit. I have worked with students of all ages, my oldest currently 100 years old to youth in the orphanages and government schools of India. I truly believe, “If you are breathing you are capable of positive change through yoga”.

Certification under Dr. R. Nagarathna M.D. Dean of Yoga and Life Science at Swami Vivekanandra Yoga Anusandhana Samsthana, Bangalore, India.
Other teachers and gurus include Dr. H.R. Nagendra, Professor R.N. lyengar, Dr. Sanjib, Dr. Mohanji, Ashish Yogi Paarthyoga.
Studied under BKS lyenar.


yoga instructor

Judi Longo’s (aka Devi Chandra Kaur) Kundalini Yoga journey began in 2000 in Los Angeles when she followed a flyer at a grocery store into Golden Bridge Yoga studio where she first experienced Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan, led Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa. After moving to New York City in 2001 she obtained her certification in Radiant Child Yoga, Kundalini Yoga for children. She practiced Ashtanga and Hatha yoga, traveled to an ashram in India to study ancient Vedic and Hindu practices, and traveled all over the world to become a world certified Feng Shui consultant under a Chinese Grand Master.

Still, she continued searching, until 2017 when the Universe led her to Arizona where she came full circle back to Kundalini Yoga and immediately enrolled in Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training led by Sevak Singh Khalsa, Sangeet Kaur Khalsa, Amarjot Kaur and Sat Ardas Kaur. In addition to a spiritual seeker, Judi is an artist, a fashion designer and film production designer. Judi brings a high degree of integrity, kindness and compassion to everything she does.

Cara, Kundalini Yoga Teacher

yoga instructor

Cara’s (aka Ravi Pritam Kaur) yoga journey begin in 2009, primarily as a way to relieve stress and anxiety—something that was part of her life for as long as she could remember. That changed dramatically when she found Kundalini Yoga & Meditation in 2016. She enrolled in Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training as a way to strengthen her practice, but quickly found much joy and fulfillment in sharing the teachings with others. She completed her 200-hour training in 2017 and has continued with advanced trainings and certifications so she can help others experience the profound impact Kundalini Yoga can have on their well being.

Karen Cimaglia headshot

reiki master

Karen’s doctoral dissertation was on the topic of longevity. Through this work she has determined that, longevity is not about living a long time. Rather, it is about how you live that determines your length of time here. The earth is a beautiful place if you understand it; if not, it can be a living hell. Longevity has a great deal to do with your mental state of being.

Through research and practical application, Karen has changed her life by eliminating pain, depression, anxiety, fear, and more. Karen has experienced some signs of age reversal as a result. Her purpose with KI Healing Arts is to introduce these concepts to others in the hopes they may have the will, persistence, and perseverance to experience the same results.

Through research and study groups Karen has noticed change comes naturally when you are mentally ready. First you must undergo a process of breaking your patterns. If you fight with these patterns, they fight back, but if you give yourself an alternative pattern of behavior, the shift can be effortless.


  • Doctor of Philosophy Specializing in Psychological Counseling
  • Elite Personal Trainer Specializing in Exercise Therapy
  • Reiki Master / Energy Modalities
  • Meditation and Mindfulness Facilitator
  • Neuro Kinetic Therapy
  • Certifications: Neuroscience & Healthy Habits, Health Coach, Nutrition, Myo-fascial Release
  • And more
Stacy Manuszak headshot
Stacy Manuszak M.Ed

reiki master

Stacy is passionate about living life to the fullest and helping others to remove anything that blocks them from living their most authentic lives.

Stacy believes that using holistic practices and healing modalities that foster a higher vibration in one’s being, is the best way to heal and reach one’s highest potential.

Stacy holds degrees and certifications in the healing arts with the focus on creating positive change through peaceful practices.

Traditional Japanese Reiki allows for positive energy, light, and love; to flood the body and mind so that there is no space for anything negative to thrive. As an attuned conduit of reiki energy, Stacy is honored to deliver this amazing energy that can promote physical, and emotional healing from past, present and future events.

Stacy also incorporates the ancient Hawaiian practice of Ho’opnopono which cleanses the body, paves the way for forgiveness of self and others and heals all that are in path of the individual by way of reflection and gratitude.

Coaching and Mindshift work are one of Stacy’s specialties whereas she can take you on a journey of living intentionally and help you manifest all the gifts that await you in living your most authentic life of abundance.


  • Masters Degree in Human Relations Counseling
  • Reiki Master 3rd Degree
  • Certified Holistic Health and Wellness and Nutrition Coach
  • Certified Advanced Practitioner of Ho’oponopono
  • Certified in Mindfulness Practice, Intermittent Fasting, Gut Health, Dietary Supplements and Yogic Nutrition
Paul Pietrocarlo during a sound bath
paul pietrocarlo

Sound Journeys

Gong Master; Sound Journeyist; Percussionist. Sound brings clarity, protection, unity, inspiration, healing and peace.

Come claim yours.

paul, instructor
paul schmitz

Retreat Facilitator

Every one of us is meditating all the time!!!
Where are your thoughts? What are your inner voices saying?
Let’s get quiet together.

Andrew Phisher's headshot
andrew pisher

Horticulture Educator

Andrew took classes at Southwest Institute of Healing Arts to get his Wellness Practitioner title and to become certified in Urban Farming, Nutrition Coaching and Yoga Nidra, a sleep based meditation.

After that, Andrew gained a new value for himself and decided to start his own businesses. He started up Treelation LLC to help save the trees.

After having great success in his first year with the tree business, Andrew decided to start Natcher Culture LLC to provide garden bed installs and free gardening workshops to his community. After a few workshops, people started calling him “Green Man” and his public persona was born.

Green Man is now onto really big things with creating a community land trust made up of like-minded, health conscious, environment healing folks and families who want to build an future where access to life-nurturing resources and compassion are abundant and commonplace for all networks of people around the globe.

Join us in the teachings of nature, life and contentment from Green Man by registering for one of his upcoming workshops at Immersive Studio.

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